Alexis has previously worked in a variety of roles from administration, hospitality, childcare, and most recently in client relations for a healthcare company. So it’s no surprise that Alexis is a fast learner who loves the challenge of a busy work environment. In fact she thrives on it.

A lifelong desire to help others has seen Alexis working with charities and causes as a donor and volunteer. She’ll go to great lengths to fundraise (including the time she dressed up in a pig costume in support of a good cause).

Working in philanthropy seemed a natural next step to take and Alexis is excited to learn more about the sector. She’s also enthusiastic to work for an organisation making a positive impact and whose values align with her own.

In her free time Alexis can be found curled up with her cat, Leonardo, and a good book. She’s an expert on fantasy fiction, and loves the genre so much that she is currently writing a novel herself.