Fiona Higgins

Fiona Higgins has been involved at APS since inception, being one of three founding directors of the entity. She has worked in philanthropy and social investment since 1998, and brings with her an in-depth understanding of the charitable sector and unique insights into grantmaking practice and strategy.

After four years on the board, Fiona moved into an operational role at APS focusing on developing grantmaking services and now holds the role of Grantmaking Specialist. Fiona specialises in private and family philanthropy, strategy development, family facilitation and foundation management. She designed the original iterations of APS’s key grantmaking tools, the Giving Compass and the Giving Gauge, and enjoys working with families to map their personal passions and match them with community need.

Prior to her involvement at APS, Fiona held executive and senior management roles in the philanthropy, non-profit and communications sectors, including as Director of the Royal Agricultural Society Foundation (NSW), Executive Director & Member of the Advisory Board at The Caledonia Foundation, Philanthropy Services Manager at Cambooya Services, Programme Manager at The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation and Communications Officer at Australian Red Cross (NSW).

Fiona holds tertiary qualifications in humanities and social sciences from the University of Sydney and Swinburne University and is a published novelist, with four books published by Pan Macmillan and Allen & Unwin.

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Photo courtesy of Belle Images