Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation

We offer a public ancillary fund, the Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation.  This is a communal philanthropic structure in which you can establish a giving fund (named sub-fund).

Key features:

  • Simple – Administration, investment and governance activities are the responsibility of the trustee, leaving you to focus solely on the charities you would like to support.
  • Accessible – A giving fund (sub-fund) can be established with a minimum donation of $50,000, much less than would be required to set up your own private ancillary fund.
  • Quick – A giving fund (sub-fund) can be established immediately, as there is no requirement to establish a new trust or trustee company.
  • Choice – There are over 20,000 charities that are eligible to receive grants, and APS asks you each year to recommend the charities you would like to support.
  • Tax-deductibility - Donations to your giving fund (sub-fund) are tax deductible and you can elect to spread the deduction over five years.
  • Portability - You can transfer the balance of your giving fund (sub-fund) to your own PAF in the future, making this a simple way to kickstart your philanthropic fund.

Public ancillary fund service

We also support individuals, families and organisations to set up and administer their own public ancillary funds in a cost-effective manner.


More information can be found here in the APS Foundation Brochure 

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