Public ancillary fund service

If a private ancillary fund is not the right solution for you, we also offer a public ancillary fund, the Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation (APS Foundation). This is a communal philanthropic structure with a number of unique benefits:

  • Simple – Administration, investment and governance activities are the responsibility of the trustee, leaving donors to think about the charities they would like to support.
  • Quick – A sub-fund can be established immediately, as there is no requirement to establish a new trust or trustee company.
  • Taxation benefits – The money you donate can be tax deductible. A public ancillary fund is a tax exempt structure, so your philanthropic dollar goes further.
  • Portability - In certain circumstances, it’s possible to transfer assets from a public ancillary fund into a PAF.

We can also assist and support organisations – including financial advisory firms –  to set up and administer their own public ancillary fund in a cost effective manner.

More information can be found here Public Ancillary Fund Service

Information for advisers can be found here.

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