Social Enterprise World ForumCo-funding with English Family Foundation: Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 Bursary Fund

22 March 2017

The English Family Foundation (EFF), Philanthropy Australia, Social Traders and the Ākina Foundation (NZ) are seeking philanthropic partners to help support emerging social entrepreneurs (across multiple sectors) by getting them to the Social Enterprise World Forum in New Zealand this year.

Belinda Morrissey, Executive Officer of the EFF, outlines:  “The opportunity is to build a bursary fund (held by Social Traders, DGR 1, total target $95,000), to allow 50 of Australia’s highest potential social entrepreneurs to attend the Forum and participate in pre and post forum networking and support. The project partners will select the successful 50 entrepreneurs through an open application process.”

“We are looking for co-funders around the $5k mark, although more than open to donations of other amounts. It’s a great co-funding opportunity to create a global legacy of positive change by taking an active role in shaping the world’s future.”

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Belinda via

Social Enterprise World Forum Bursary Fund