Campbell Clarkson

Originally from New Zealand, Campbell moved to Sydney, in 2012 after the severe earthquakes that struck Christchurch in 2011. Campbell was heavily involved with the Student Volunteer Army which had a large impact on the clean-up and rehabilitation in the community from the earthquakes.

Campbell has worked for the Institute of Chartered Accountants, CPA Australia and AMP Financial Planners Associations with a primary focus on member and client services. Campbell has an expert knowledge of professional bodies and membership organisations in the financial services industry.

Campbell comes from a family of five. As the middle child, Campbell was able to learn to be an expert mediator early in life which is a key skill when dealing with multiple stakeholders.

Most winter Saturdays you will find Campbell playing Rugby Union in Rose Bay. Campbell has played Rugby Union for nearly 17 years – some would say being from New Zealand it is in your blood.