Co-funding opportunities March 2018

Day Family Foundation is putting $10,000 towards the capacity building costs of 10×10, an initiative aiming to engage the younger generation in philanthropic giving and social action.  10×10 is a live crowdfunding ‘for purpose organisation’ run by a team of volunteers and designed to support innovative grassroots charities.  They feature a pitch from 3 charities and are a fun mix between a networking event, a cocktail party and pitching contest.  Participants pledge a minimum amount of $100 which is turned into charity dollars and at the end of the night participants decide which charity to support.  Since their start in 2013, 10×10 has held 44 events, supported 108 innovative grassroots charities, channeled $1.2m of new donations into the sector and supported 450 young professionals involved in their committees. 10×10 has received support from other family foundations and is now seeking a final tranche of $15,000 as part of a $70,000 grant to continue their work and become self-sustaining. For more information contact Geoff Day at or phone 0412 506 453


CHILL Foundation is looking for co-funders towards the Refugee Advice and Casework Services’s Urgent Appeal.  The CHILL Foundation is contributing $10,000 and hopes that other funders will step forward to assist people who have fled situations of war, conflict and persecution, providing those who cannot afford it with essential legal representation and the chance for a fair and just assessment of their claim for asylum.  The Refugee Advice and Casework Service’s Urgent Appeal requires another $850,000 by 31 March to assist 1,100 individuals and families identified as being highly vulnerable.  For more information contact Gill Dryland, CHILL Foundation at


Fade to Black Foundation is contributing $10,000 to Documentary Australia Foundation to go towards The Coming Back Out Ball, an observational feature documentary that follows LGBTI elders who have been invited to attend a ball celebrating their gender and sexual identities.  Fade to Black Foundation is seeking co-funding partners to ensure the film gets finished in time for the Melbourne International Film Festival and is therefore in a position to achieve its outreach goals.  The Coming Back Out Ball requires another $40,000 by 1 June 2018.  For more information contact Rahul Prasad at or Angela Perry at from the Fade to Black Foundation.


Springboard Endowment, a subfund of the APS Foundation, is seeking a consortium of funders to fill the $600,000 gap into research of using splints to improve hand function in children with cerebral palsy.  Those with cerebral palsy often suffer from poor hand function and deformity; improving hand function leads to lifetime benefits, which has made it a priority for occupational therapists.  This new study is potentially internationally significant as it will produce statistically significant results regarding when, for which children and for low long hand orthoses (or splinting) will be beneficial.  To date approximately $1.2m has been invested into research, but the completion of the study requires pledges over the next 4.5 years totalling $600,000 ($120,000 in 2018; $190,000 in 2019; $190,000 in 2020; $70,000 in 2021; and $35,000 in 2022) by 30 June 2018 or risk being invalidated due to insufficient sample size and trial period. For more information contact Bruce Bonyhady from the Sprinboard Endowment at