Information for advisers

Our services have been designed to complement, not replace, the support philanthropists already receive from their accountant, lawyer or wealth adviser.  We work with professional advisers to help you build your philanthropic offering for your clients.

Australian Philanthropic Services is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with no conflicts of interest. In particular, we don’t manage private ancillary fund investments, nor do we provide tax advice or any other accounting services.  That is the role of wealth advisers and accountants.  Our interest is in supporting and growing effective philanthropy.

For wealth advisers, engaging your clients around philanthropy provides a number of benefits:

  • You can deepen and broaden the relationship between you and your client – and often your client’s family.
  • As money within a private ancillary fund is often invested in perpetuity, it’s an ideal environment for long-term investing.
  • Sub-funds and private ancillary funds can provide an effective tax planning solution for your clients, and tax deductions can be spread over a five year period.
  • You have increased flexibility around some investment decisions within a private ancillary fund, due to the tax exempt environment of the structure.

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