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Sharing your wealth to make a difference can be enormously rewarding. But many Australians take an ad-hoc approach to their giving, making it difficult to see the impact of their generosity.
A simple and effective way to help you make the most of your giving is to establish a private ancillary fund.

What is a private ancillary fund?

A private ancillary fund, often referred to as a PAF, is a philanthropic trust structure that helps you take a more planned approach to your giving.

With the right advice they are simple to establish and administer, provide a tax effective strategic solution to your grantmaking, and offer many benefits and rewards.

The benefits of a private ancillary fund

  • Complete control
    A  private ancillary fund gives you total control over how your capital is invested, and the amount you give each year to support your favourite causes. Giving is planned and effective.
  • A family legacy
    Giving through a  private ancillary fund inspires future generations, and provides families with unexpected and welcome rewards, as you share your philanthropic values.
  • Taxation benefits
    The money you donate into your private ancillary fund (both now and into the future) can be tax deductible. A PAF is a tax exempt structure, and franking credits refunded, so your philanthropic dollar goes much further.

Getting started

Our service is designed to be a one-stop-shop when setting up your private ancillary fund (PAF). It’s simple.

  • We do all the work to set up your private ancillary fund, and handle the paperwork from day one.
  • We take care of all ongoing administration.
  • Directors of the private ancillary fund trustee are fully briefed on and guided through compliance issues.
  • We charge a low flat fee, whether your private ancillary fund is large or small.*
  • Our team of specialist advisers has extensive experience in managing private ancillary funds.
* This assumes a normal volume of transactions within the PAF, and is based on a two year minimum agreement.

To arrange an introductory conversation, call Louise Charlesworth on  02 8004 6758.
Or contact us via email.


If a private ancillary fund is not the right solution for you, talk to us about our public ancillary fund offering: The Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation.