Gartaj Gift assisting children be safe and healthy in families

Greg and Robyn Biggs founded the Gartaj Gift and are proud to support the wellbeing of children overseas. For the past 8 years they supported Forget Me Not, a charity assisting Nepalese authorities to rescue children from corrupt orphanages and, wherever possible, reuniting them with family and ensuring they have access to education.

Last year Greg and Robyn helped Forget Me Not form Born to Belong Foundation in collaboration with Cambodia Children’s Trust, which was set up by Tara Winkler and performs similar work in that country. Born to Belong Foundation funds the work of Forget Me Not and Cambodian Children’s Trust to provide safe and nurturing homes for vulnerable children in Cambodia, India, Nepal and Uganda.

Born to Belong Foundation also works in Australia to raise awareness and prevent orphanage tourism.

Robyn and Greg are keen to get more funders on board to support Born to Belong’s mission both here and overseas. Contact them at for more information.