Co-funding Opportunity: Join Pantera Press to bring the Sydney Story Factory to Parramatta

The Sydney Story Factory is on a mission to change the lives of marginalised young people through creative writing and storytelling.

Since 2012, from their current base in Redfern, they have enabled 9,000 young people aged 7-17 to develop literacy and creative writing skills, communicate their ideas and gain more confidence. Around one quarter of these young people are Indigenous and 35% from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Lately, the team has been travelling to schools in Western Sydney, which has the single largest Indigenous community and is settling 60% of all new arrivals to Australia.  Unfortunately, young people in the area experience much lower education and life outcomes than their metropolitan peers.  A community consultation identified the need and desire for a permanent creative writing centre in Parramatta to better serve this large and growing population.

Alison Green, CEO of Pantera Press and a Director of the Pantera Press Foundation, says: “What excites us about the Sydney Story Factory is that they are making real differences in the lives of kids. Through storytelling and creativity classes, they are preparing young people with confidence and the tools for future success. Critical and creative thinking are crucial for the development of young leaders.”

“The importance of education was always drilled into us, and as such reading was always a big part of growing up in my household.  Stories can be an inspiration, a refuge, a game changer – not just for the person reading them, but also for the person writing them. The Sydney Story Factory gives young people a chance to develop this creative side.”

The partnership between Sydney Story Factory and Pantera Press represents a natural synergy between two organisations committed to effecting positive social impact and promoting Australian writing culture in its many forms.

Pantera Press Foundation is contributing $150,000 over three years to enable the Sydney Story Factory Parramatta to open its doors in 2018.  The total budget for setting up and running the new centre until the end of 2019 is $2.4M, with more than 60% already raised.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Cath Keenan from The Sydney Story Factory ( or Alison Green from Pantera Press (

More information about the Sydney Story Factory Parramatta project can be found at