Kent Kwan and May Ann Phang, founders of the WA-based Jam & Jelly Foundation, are seeking philanthropic partners to help support ground-breaking autism research that has the potential to prevent the disabilities linked to autism. Researchers at Telethon Kids Institute in Perth are confident that by diagnosing autism in babies, rather than waiting until the child is 4 years of age (the current approach), they can intervene early with special therapies that re-wire the brain and improve verbal and developmental outcomes.

Kent Kwan, Chairman of Jam & Jelly Foundation, outlines: “This research could be terrific news for the 1 in 80 children who have autism, and for their families. Our PAF will help part fund this research by providing a $20,000 per year grant this financial year and next financial year, but TKI needs a further $110,000 in total per annum. We would love to find other public or private ancillary funds who want to help co-fund this research.”

If you are interested in learning more about autism research at Telethon Kids Institute, please watch: or contact Kent Kwan via