Our grantmaking and evaluation service

Deciding which organisations you’ll support can be hugely rewarding, but can also be a challenge. For example, there are over 55,000 tax concession charities in Australia, and of these, nearly 28,000 are able to accept tax deductible donations. Sometimes the not-for-profit sector can be difficult to understand; many charities appear to be working towards similar goals, or delivering similar services. Also, the metrics used by charities are often not financial, and not easily comparable.

As one of the few experts in this field, Australian Philanthropic Services can assist you with your grantmaking, and help you to better understand the not-for-profit landscape.
We can do this by:

  • Helping you to develop a set of philanthropic goals;
  • Providing you with simple tool kit pieces to help you understand the giving landscape;
  • Researching areas of need that are of most interest to you;
  • Putting your grantmaking plan into action; and
  • Measuring the impact of your giving.

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