The APS Foundation helps individuals and families to invest and donate their money to causes they care about. We are Australia’s fastest-growing provider of giving funds (also known as sub-funds).

How it works


Why choose the APS Foundation?

experienced-squareAPS Foundation has 170+ giving funds, totalling almost $70 million. We are governed by the APS Foundation Board and are a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Philanthropic Services.

community-squareJoin our community of individuals and families sharing their grantmaking stories to help support and inspire each other’s giving. We’ll boost your charity know-how with complimentary APS events, useful content on charities, philanthropic trends and effective giving.

competitive-squareAs a not-for-profit we charge a modest management fee, so more money can be given to charity. A selection of leading specialist fund managers also donates their services to the Foundation pro bono, keeping our fees down.

accessible-squareOur online facility provides complete transparency. You can view your giving fund balance, investment income, donations and grants all in one place, whenever you like.


Getting started is easy and fast
To get up and running, just complete one short form and make your donation to the APS Foundation. If you have more questions, please get in touch with us on 02 9779 6300 or foundation@australianphilanthropicservices.com.au.

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Simplify your giving with an easy to establish and tax-efficient APS Foundation giving fund.

  • Philanthropic capital managed by APS Chair Chris Cuffe AO and specialist fund managers
  • Receive full tax deduction now, recommend grants to your choice of charities later
  • Competitive management fees as we’re not-for-profit


What are the key features of the APS Foundation?

This handy one-page document summarises the key features of the Foundation.

What is a giving fund?

The APS Foundation is a communal philanthropic structure called a public ancillary fund, comprised of giving funds (also known as sub-funds). The funds are pooled and invested together, with investment returns accruing to the funds so they grow over time¹.

Fund holders receive an immediate tax deduction on their donation and recommend to the APS Foundation trustee where their grants should be directed each year. We take care of all administration, investment and governance activities, leaving you to focus solely on the charities you would like to support from your giving fund.

How does a giving fund in the APS Foundation work?

1. Give

Make a minimum donation of $50,000 to the APS Foundation to establish your named giving fund (sub-fund). You will receive an immediate tax deduction for your donation, which you can claim in full immediately or spread over a period of up to five years. Top up your giving fund at any time with additional minimum $1,000 donations.

 2. Grow

Giving funds are pooled and professionally invested.  Investment returns are tax-free and applied to your giving fund monthly.

Veteran fund manager, Chris Cuffe AO, has day-to-day responsibility for managing the investments, including engaging the services of external specialist fund managers.  Several leading investment professionals provide the Foundation with their investment services pro bono. This has not only helped provide good investment performance, but also very low fees, which maximises the amount given to charity each year.  View the APS Foundation’s latest investment report.

3. Grant

Recommend grants from your giving fund to one or more of over 20,000 thousand eligible charities.  You can make as many grant recommendations as you like, whenever you like, using our online grant recommendation form.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch with us on 02 9779 6300 or foundation@australianphilanthropicservices.com.au.


Get started
Establishing a giving fund is easy and fast. Complete one short form, make your donation to the APS Foundation and start thinking about what causes you want to support.

1 Please note that investments can rise and fall in value.