Simplify your clients’ charitable giving

Help your clients to simplify their charitable giving with an easy to establish and tax-efficient APS Foundation giving fund.


Why the APS Foundation?

  • Your clients receive a full tax deduction now, and can recommend grants to their choice of charities later
  • Australia’s fastest-growing provider of giving funds (also known as sub-funds)
  • Philanthropic capital managed by APS Chair Chris Cuffe AO and specialist fund managers
  • Costs to your clients are kept low as we’re not-for-profit

APS looks after all the accounting, compliance, reporting and administration associated with structured philanthropic giving. By utilising APS, you can focus on managing your clients’ investments and other finances, and your clients can concentrate on the joy of giving.


To arrange an introductory meeting, call APS on 02 9779 6300.




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